How to Care for Your Child after a Circumcision

The best way to care for circumcision is to wash the incision twice daily with mild, unscented soap. Also, dry the incision area thoroughly with a clean towel. The incision will bleed a bit for the first day after surgery and will remain red and painful. Petroleum jelly or antibiotic cream should be applied to the incision line to promote healing and reduce pain. The bandage will fall off after 24 hours. Plastibell can be applied to the incision to prevent it from sticking to your diaper. Ask your child’s physician for help when changing diapers.


You can soak the incision area in warm, clear water for 5-10 mins twice daily. This prevents the tip of the penis from crusting and will keep the incision clean. It is also good to the child’s overall well-being. It is important to ensure that your baby doesn’t get a fever or have respiratory problems after the circumcision. Afterwards, you should be sure to keep the cut area clean by keeping it moist with a pacifier.

After your child undergoes a circumcision, you may ask your child’s doctor to prescribe pain medication. You can also ask your pediatrician about any pain medication your child may be taking. To monitor your child’s health, you should be present at the circumcision. The procedure is quick and easy, but newborn circumcision care involves rinsing the area after every diaper change. You can also use a cloth or gauze to wipe the area clean. After the surgery is complete, you should allow the skin time to dry completely.

Your baby should be able go home after the procedure without any pain medication. You must take care of your baby the first few days following a circumcision. Avoid exposing your baby’s skin to too much travel as car seats can cause irritation. Although your baby will be circumcised quickly, it may take a few days for the process to heal completely.

The following day after the procedure, your baby will experience blood-tinged drainage. This can be removed by your pediatrician. Your infant will require 7-10 days to recover from the surgery. It is important that you follow your doctor’s instructions during these days. While this procedure can be dangerous, it is common and almost always safe. The procedure will not cause any complications for your child. It can be painful for babies, so it is important to keep them safe.

Afterwards, your baby will be soaked in a clear warm water to minimize the pain. You should not use diapers. If you need to, you can use soapy tap water. In the first few days, replace the dressing at your incision site with a fresh one. To prevent pain, you can also apply petroleum jelly to the incision site. It will dry in 7-10 days. The incision should then be covered with a bandage and kept clean for three to five more days.

The penis will appear smaller and more erect after the procedure. It may be difficult for your child to urinate in the first couple of days, but the procedure should heal within a week. The first few days will be filled with pain and discomfort, but these will disappear in two to three weeks. You should keep your baby away from the water for at least two weeks after the incision is closed. A scab will appear over the incision.

The cut edge will seal in a matter of hours. It will also scab within three to seven working days. The scar will not cause infection and may look a little yellow after the circumcision. Your doctor will give you more details and show you how to care for your child. It is important to remember to clean your penis after the procedure. It is best not to leave your baby in the tub immediately following the surgery.

The penis of your child will be covered in petroleum jelly and gauze. To prevent infection you can gently wipe it with warm soapy water. For the first few weeks, your baby may be fussy and crying. The wound will heal in about one to two weeks. To prevent the wound becoming infected, be sure to follow all instructions from your doctor. You may also notice a plastic ring on your son’s penis. It will naturally fall off in 10 to 12 days.