28th June – 01st July 2021 – Centro Congressi Lingotto – TURIN, Italy

LOCATION: Centro Congressi Lingotto, Turin, Italy

Built between 1917 and 1922, Lingotto was designed by architect Giacomo Mattè Trucco in a rationalist, innovative style. The building symbolised a turning point in the development of Italian industry, marking the end of one era and the start of another.
Many generations of workers have been employed in the workshops of this great industrial complex, manufacturing not only cars but also aero engines, commercial vehicles and household appliances.
Having already undergone many renovations over the years in response to changing industrial needs, in 1985 the factory ceased production.
In 1989 an international competition was launched to transform the Lingotto industrial area into a modern multifunctional centre.
These were years of frenetic activity, as the winning project by Genoese architect Renzo Piano– designer of the Beaubourg in Paris in the 1970s – was turned into reality, earning acclaim from architects and engineers around the world.

Once the most famous automobile factory in Europe, the building has been transformed by Renzo Piano into an ultra modern, multifunctional centre.
The Convention Centre, the Hotels, the Exhibition Centre, the Business Centre, the Offices and the 14,500 parking spaces all serve to make the Lingotto the ideal hub for daily business, meetings and dealings in the most diverse industrial, financial, manufacturing and cultural arenas.

How to reach the Venue

From the main motorways: Piacenza, Pavia,Genova, Savona, Milano, Aosta Frejus e Pinerolo – direction TORINO, continue on the South Ringroad – exit Corso Unità d’Italia then follow signs to Lingotto.
From downtown: access to the underground parking sectors – from Via Nizza n. 230 and n. 280 bis.
From Lingotto railway station: on foot follow Via Pannunzio, turn left in Via Passobuole then turn left again in Via Nizza. Estimated time: 20 minutes.
From Porta Nuova main railway station: Underground (www.gtt.to.it), line 1, 6 stations, terminus LINGOTTO. Bus n. 1 or 35, get off after 12 stops. Estimated time: 20 minutes.
From Porta Susa railway station: Underground (www.gtt.to.it), line 1, 9 stations, terminus LINGOTTO. Bus n. 1 and get off at Via Nizza/Via Vado stop. Estimated time: 30 minutes.
Pedestrian entrance: Via Nizza n. 280.
By car: underground paying car parking entrance from Via Nizza 230 or 280 bis.
Bus gate: Via Nizza 294.

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