28th June – 01st July 2021

Zachary Lippman


Zachary Lippman’s research focuses on the process of flowering and flower production. His research program integrates genetics, development, genomics, and genome editing to study the variation in inflorescence production and architecture in tomato and related nightshade species observed in nature and agriculture. Discoveries on the genes and networks underlying this diversity have led to a broader exploration of the roles of genomic structural variation, gene regulation, gene redundancy, and epistasis in development, domestication, and breeding. Based on these fundamental discoveries, Lippman is developing and applying innovative concepts and tools for crop improvement.

Short affiliation

Professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and HHMI Investigator

Talk title and synopsis

Revealing cis-regulatory complexity and the principles of quantitative trait variation

We are applying genome editing to investigate the genetic architecture of cis-regulatory regions that control transcriptional and phenotypic outputs. Our results show that gene promoters are also highly dose-sensitive and can serve as “tunable” transcriptional control regions, which can be manipulated to create novel alleles and quantitative variation that goes beyond what nature has provided.

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