28th June – 01st July 2021

Viktor Žárský


Viktor Žárský explores selected molecular regulatory modules of plant cell polarity and morphogenesis operating mostly at the plasma membrane – at the interface of secretory pathway, membrane lipids and cytoskeleton. He focuses on intracellular molecular mechanisms driving cellular morphogenesis – especially exocytosis and detailed characterization of the plant vesicle tethering complex exocyst in various cell types across plant species, including plant-pathogen interactions.

Short affiliation

1 – Department of Experimental Plant Biology, Charles University, Faculty of Science, Prague, Czech Republic
2 – Institute of Experimental Botany CAS, Laboratory of cell biology, Prague, Czech Republic

Talk title and synopsis

Exocyst complex functions in plant secretory pathway

Localized delivery of plasma membrane (PM) and cell wall components is an essential process in all plant cells. The vesicle tethering complex exocyst assists in targeting of exocytosis vesicles to specific PM domains via direct interactions both with membrane lipids and proteins.

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