28th June – 01st July 2021

Caroline Gutjahr


The research group of Caroline Gutjahr aims at understanding the development and function of arbuscular mycorrhiza, a symbiosis between land plants and beneficial fungi. The research of her team focuses in particular on the role of plant hormones and transcriptional networks in physiological, molecular and plant cell developmental changes required to accommodate arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi inside roots. The fungi can enhance nutrition and increase stress resistance of plants. For these reasons, there is increasing interest in the use of the fungi in sustainable agricultural practices. Therefore, her lab also investigates the genetic underpinnings of fungus-mediated increases in plant-performance with the aim to enable breeding of mycorrhiza-optimized crops.

Short affiliation

Technical University of Munich, Germany

Talk title and synopsis

Arbuscular mycorrhiza development and function

Arbuscular mycorrhiza is a symbiosis between the majority of land plants and obligate biotrophic fungi, which improves plant mineral nutrition. Caroline Gutjahr will present progress in understanding plant molecular mechanisms, which allow arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi to colonize plant roots.

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