28th June – 01st July 2021

Hilde Nelissen

Affiliation: VIB – UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology

Biosketch: Hilde Nelissen is group leader at the center for Plant Systems Biology at the VIB and Ghent University. The main focus of her research is to understand how plant organs grow, starting from the maize leaf, which offers an accessible model to study the dynamic changes in the molecular and physiological growth processes. The plants with altered growth characteristics are evaluated with a range of molecular and phenotyping technologies. The past research focused on the translatability of plant biotechnological findings from Arabidopsis to maize, while recent research aims at deepening and applying a highly conserved growth regulatory network.

Talk title: Translating growth processes: bottlenecks and opportunities

Synopsis: The presentation will give an overview of our journey to translate the Arabidopsis growth regulatory network to applications in maize. Selected examples will highlight challenges and successes and the lessons to be learnt. Finally, opportunities for tailored-made modulation of the growth regulatory network in crops are discussed.

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