28th June – 01st July 2021

Giorgio Matteucci

Short affiliation: Director, Institute of BioEconomy – National Research Council of Italy – Florence

Biosketch: PhD in Forest Ecology. Currently Director of the Institute for BioEconomy of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR-IBE). Since 1991 he has been involved in international research projects of the IV, V, VI, VII and H2020 EU framework programmes, dealing with forest ecosystems (biomass, productivity, canopy fluxes, impact of climate change and elevated CO2, modelling), long-term monitoring and ecological research. Since 2012 he coordinates the Italian Long Term Ecological Research Network (LTER Italy). He is involved in eLTER, ICOS and LifeWatch research infrastructures. He has published more than 200 extended papers (> 130 ISI), including two papers in Nature, one in Science, one in Nature Geoscience and one in Nature Communications.

Talk title: Plant ecosystems and environmental change: extreme events, resilience and adaptation mechanisms in nature

Synopsis: Global climate change is causing an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events. In the last decades, impacts on ecosystems and on the recovery processes after extreme disturbance events are aggravated by warming. Will the capacity of trees and ecosystems to thrive and react to disturbance events be impaired, posing risks to biodiversity and reducing the climate-change mitigation role of forests?

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