28th June – 01st July 2021

Gabriel Castrillo


Dr Gabriel Castrillo (GC) has long term research interests in understanding the molecular mechanism controlling plant nutrition. Over the last years, GC has been continuously developing nutrition-related research, and published seminal papers in this area in high impact journals such as, Nature, Nature Comm. and PLOS Biol. GC works has led to a better understanding of how plants response to abiotic stresses in the presence of the plant microbiota. GC is a Nottingham Research Fellow.

Short affiliation

Future Food Beacon of Excellence and the School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham, Sutton-Bonington, United Kingdom

Talk title and synopsis

Characterisation of the regulatory interplay between the plant microbiome and root endodermal diffusion barriers

Plant-associated bacteria are crucial in host adaptation to diverse environmental stresses. Beneficial microbes increase nutrient uptake and accumulation in the host, improving plant growth and health. It is unknown how the plant microbiota and the ions diffusion barrier at the root endodermis coordinate to control the flow of nutrients between the soil and xylem. Here we found that the genes regulating the root diffusion barriers alter the composition of the plant microbiota. We characterise bacterial effect on the root barriers deposition and how it changes the ion homeostasis in the plant.

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