28th June – 01st July 2021

Francois Tardieu


Francois Tardieu is an Ecophysiologist at INRAE Montpellier (France). His research focuses on the adaptation of genotypes to drought scenarios, including those in 2050, via a combination of phenomics, modelling and genomic prediction. He coordinates the French Phenomic infrastructure and a European project on phenomics. He is invited professor in the Nanjing Agricultural University. He got awards by the French Academy, by the “laurier d’Excellence INRA” and by the Soil Science ty of America.

Short affiliation

INRAE LEPSE, Montpellier, FR

Talk title and synopsis

Plant performance under abiotic stress: combining multi scale phenotyping, modelling and genomic prediction

Although most of the plant breeding is currently performed via genomic selection, a big data approach that includes no phenotyping nor physiology, Plant Phenomics takes a particular interest in the context of climate change.

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