28th June – 01st July 2021

Donald Richard Ort


Don Ortis the Robert Emerson Professor at the University of Illinois.  He is an ASPB Kettering Award recipient, ASPB Fellow, AAAS Fellow, ARS Science Hall of Fame, 2016-19 ISI Highly Cited Author and Member of the National Academy of Sciences. He serves as Theme Leader in the Institute for Genomic Biology, Director of Research for the DOE Bioenergy Center and Deputy Director of the Gates Foundation RIPE program at Illinois. His research focuses on: i) Redesigning photosynthesis for improved efficiency; ii) Molecular and genomic basis of interactive effects of CO2, temperature and drought on crop and crop ecosystem performance.

Short affiliation

Departments of Plant Biology & Crop Sciences, University of Illinois, Urbana USA

Talk title and synopsis

Improving photosynthetic Efficiency for increased yield

Agriculture is faced with the daunting challenge of doubling global food/feed production within the next three to four decades.  Improving photosynthetic efficiency is a very promising opportunity to make a major contribution toward meeting this grand challenge. We have shown proof of concept evidence that installing a more energy efficient alternative to the native photorespiratory pathway of C3 plants could be a highly effective strategy to increase crop yield.

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