28th June – 01st July 2021

Chanhong Kim


Dr. Chanhong Kim serves as a principal investigator in the Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology. He has earned a Ph.D. degree at ETH Zurich, where his research has mainly focused on understanding the chloroplast protein import pathway and retrograde signalling. In 2014, he became a principal investigator, and now his study elucidates the mode of action of ROS sensors residing in chloroplasts and the mechanisms underlying photoprotection. His long-term goals are to decipher chloroplast-generated chemical languages, triggering distinct stress responses to a multitude of environmental factors, thereby ultimately improving stress tolerance of crop plants.

Short Affiliation

Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology and Center of Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Talk title and synopsis

From the retrograde signalling to the chloroplast protein import –An unforeseen finding

In the present study, we noticed an interesting link between plastid division (which is known to be coordinated with cell cycle) and plant stress responses, including controlled cell death. Remarkably, the resulting forward genetic screen aimed to find key players in the stress responses unveils a novel component acting in chloroplast TOC-TIC complex implicated in the protein import.

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