28th June – 01st July 2021

Alexandra Baekelandt


In 2018, I obtained my PhD at the PSB-VIB (group of Prof. Dr. Dirk Inzé, Ghent, Belgium). During my PhD, I dissected the contribution of meristemoid asymmetric cell division to leaf growth and identified new molecular networks controlling this process. Currently, I continue my research as a post-doc in the PSB-VIB, further investigating the molecular players regulating growth, focussing on Arabidopsis, tomato and soybean organ size determination. In parallel, I am the VIB-representative in the CropBooster-P project (https://www.cropbooster-p.eu/), a project funded by the EU H2020 Research and Innovation programme aiming to provide a roadmap for future plant research in Europe.

Short affiliation

VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology, Ghent, Belgium

Talk title and synopsis

CropBooster-P: A roadmap for future European plant research

CropBooster-P is a EU Horizon 2020 project that aims to draft a roadmap to develop the future crops for European agriculture, focusing on increasing yield potential and yield stability under a highly fluctuating environment and resource use efficiency (sustainability), with a concomitant increase in nutritional and/or industrial quality.

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