28th June – 01st July 2021

PRELIMINARY PROGRAM 2021 –> click here to download the program

PBE2020 will focus on the following themes, which broadly cover the research topics of plant biology:
Abiotic stress and plant performance
Signaling at cell and plant level
Plant metabolism and bioactive compounds
Plant and ecosystem adaptation to environmental change
Plant development and flowering
Protein modifications and trafficking
Molecular and cellular organization of the photosynthetic system
Carbon fixation and productivity
From plant defence to plant immunity
Plant nutrition and beneficial interactions
Plant epigenetics
Genomics and genome editing for crop design

Pierdomenico Perata, Pisa, Italy
Anna Stepanova, Raleigh, USA
Cathie Martin, Norwich, UK
Ülo Niinemets, Tartu, Estonia
Miltos Tsiantis, Köln, Germany
Eugenia Russinova, Ghent, Belgium
Roberta Croce, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Spencer Whitney, Canberra, Australia
Roberto Solano, Madrid, Spain
Caroline Gutjahr, Munich, Germany
Vincent Colot, Paris, France
Zachary Lippman, Cold Spring Harbor, USA


Phenotyping plant performance under abiotic stress – Francois Tardieu, Montpellier, France

Plant adaptation to climate change-related stress – Julio Salinas, Madrid, Spain

Stress resilience in horticultural and fruit crops – Francesca Cardinale, Turin, Italy

Cell signaling in plants – Michael Hothorn, Geneva, Switzerland

Long-distance messages in plants – Sabrina Sabatini, Rome, Italy

Plant metabolism and bioactive compounds – Toni Kutchan, St Louis, USA

Crop improvement for a healthy diet – Lazaro Pereira Peres, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Plant ecosystems under environmental change – Giorgio Matteucci, Ercolano, Italy

Plants in extreme environments – Xavier Picò, Sevilla, Spain

Plant development and flowering – Kerstin Kaufmann, Berlin, Germany

Plant evolution and development – Sabine Zachgo, Osnabruck, Germany

Trafficking and transport in plant cells – Viktor Zarsky, Prague, Czech Republic

Seeds of tomorrow – Rentao Song, Shanghai, China

Molecular and cellular organization of the photosynthetic system – Don Ort, Urbana, USA

Chloroplast biology – Chanhong Kim, Shanghai, China

Carbon fixation and productivity – Alexandra Baekelandt, Ghent, Belgium – Tomas Morosinotto, Padua, Italy

From plant defence to  plant immunity – Martin Heil, Irapuato, Mexico

Priming and memory of stress – from model to crop – Jose Gutierrez-Marcos (Warwick, UK)

Plant nutrition – Hatem Rouached, Montpellier, France

The plant microbiome and new strategies for biofertilization – Gabriel Castrillo, Nottingham, UK

Plant epigenetics – Franziska Turck, Cologne, Germany – Martin Crespi, Saclay, France

Genomics and genome editing for crop design – Catherine Feuillet, INARI, USA

Translating plant research from lab to field – Hilde Nelissen, Ghent, Belgium

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